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Low temperature construction of refractory castable

Refractory castable in winter casting construction, due to the site of low environmental temperature, resulting in poor flow of refractory castable, solidification time extension, the possibility of frost damage is very large, so refractory castable in winter casting construction, it is particularly important to take effective anti-freezing measures.

Heating furnace is an important thermal equipment used in rolling mill to heat billet. It mainly includes pushing steel type, stepping beam type, stepping bottom type, ring type heating furnace and so on.At present, in the process of heating furnace construction, refractory castable has the advantages of short construction period, good heat preservation effect and high overall strength, so it is widely used in every part of the furnace lining.To promote the inclusion in the molten steel to rise further to purify the liquid steel ; In winter construction, the stirring water temperature is generally required to be controlled at 15~35℃, and the curing temperature is strictly controlled at more than 5℃.

Effective anti-freezing measures shall be taken before pouring construction,In the pouring process, it is mainly to heat the mixing water, shorten the transportation distance of the material, the good stirring material can be used as soon as possible and vibrate in time.The hardening of refractory castable can be accelerated by selecting the appropriate coagulant and adding it according to a certain amount.In the course of curing refractory castable after pouring, it is particularly important to ensure the curing environment temperature.



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